Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday, Day 12 of Thrive

It's late, I'm tired. Today was busy and I had a hard time coping with the pressure, had a bit of a meltdown. Ugh.

Breakfast was a smoothie made with the Vega Whole Food Optimizer in Natural flavor, a banana, frozen berries and coconut water.

Lunch, salad. I added sesame seeds. M and my sister had some and both really enjoyed it.

We had a bright spot in the afternoon, I picked up a coconut and we opened it in the backyard. This was the first time the kids have opened a coconut, we had so much fun drinking the water, spilling it on ourselves and prying loose the coconut meat. I put some in a coffee grinder, it shredded it really nice and fluffy. A loved it. Shocking, I know.

I went to a cafe for a vegan cupcake party thing. I didn't enjoy it there though. Too small and crowded, I don't do well in crowds. Plus, I couldn't really eat the cupcakes, even though they are vegan, they are not on my current regimen. I did have one mini cupcake, it was alright, but I prefer my own homemade. I ordered a smoothie, but it wasn't very good. Oh well. Back home for lots of housework.

I didn't eat until 9 p.m. and I just had leftover brown rice pasta from last night. Forgot to have a raw bar. No diet coke today.

Hoping for a better day tomorrow. We are having family over, so it will be another busy day. At least the weather is beautiful. Should be close to 90 tomorrow and it is only April, in New England. Yippeee.


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