Wednesday, August 5, 2009

30 Minute Vegan Homey Vegetable Stew with Dumplings

Another recipe from The 30-Minute Vegan: Over 175 Quick, Delicious, and Healthy Recipes for Everyday Cooking. I was looking for something comforting and this jumped out at me. A very simple recipe, the authors do state it will take closer to 45 minutes for this and it did take 45 minutes! The recipe called for spelt flour, but I used whole wheat (because I don't have any spelt flour, so there!)

Well worth the extra couple minutes, this recipe is another winner. The flavors blended together so well. I just can't say enough. This is one of my new favorite meals and will be making it again soon. M loved it, A hated it, D thought is was really good. Unfortunately for my sister, there was none left for her to try. D ended up eating A's portion as she refused to, big shock I know.

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iRaw said...

This looks amazing! I'm new to your blog and glad to have found it.