Saturday, May 30, 2009

Just ramblings

I find myself having a very hard time coming up with anything new to post. I have been just making tried and true things for the kids and nothing terribly exciting for myself as I am just counting calories, no fun. I do hope to change that soon, though, I just need motivation to get cooking even if it is stuff I cannot really eat, calorie wise. I wouldn't mind so much if everything I made wasn't meet with great displeasure when placed in front of A.

Speaking of A, she cracks me up. I weighed out some crackers to have with hummus for a snack while we all played a board game and she wanted some. I told her I would get her a separate dish of crackers as I had already weighed mine out for calories. She said, "But I don't need to weigh my calroys, right?" and then, "what are calroys anyway?"

Seems I cannot get caught up with anything. I have over 5,000 emails unread in my inbox! I really hate technology sometimes. My problem is that I feel like if I don't subscribe to every vegan blog or vegan newsletter I will miss out on some major thing. Well, it is not all vegan stuff in my inbox, there is parenting newsletters, health newsletters, friends who love to send crapass chain emails, the usual. I need to let go.

Ok, so I promise, I will be trying out some new stuff soon and posting. I need feedback and encouragement.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thrive in 30 conclusion

So, the 30 days is over and I definitely will be incorporating parts of his program into my life.

I think that all the lessons Brendan gave make so much sense for our health. I recommend everyone sign up for the free 30 day program. It doesn't cost you anything, you can choose to spend money on some of his products or not, either way. The lessons are free and really informative.

If you want to get the book, Amazon has a great price on it right now, Thrive: The Vegan Nutrition Guide to Optimal Performance in Sports and Life.

I am finding it a bit difficult to follow all the guidelines. Some of his recommended products are difficult to find near me or extremely expensive if I can find them. D has been out of work for over 6 months and financially I am struggling. That is not to say that these items are difficult to find everywhere or expensive everywhere. Some locations are much better for healthy food options than others.

Also, I am ashamed to admit that I have always relied heavily on processed foods. It is a big adjustment for me to stop using processed foods. I will be phasing them out, but I need to do this slowly. Especially since A is so damn stubborn on what she will and will not eat, I have a hard time getting her to eat anything new. But I will be incorporating more fresh foods and less processed, it will just take time.

I am also planning on rereading the book. Since my Grave's disease (mostly because I lived with it for a long time before being treated), I have some trouble with my cognitive thinking and have a harder time grasping new information. This is a frustrating aspect for me. I used to be able to hear a million things one time and instantly know the information, now it takes me several times to get it. UGH!

I will say that the fatigue is still bad, I am still having issues with falling asleep at inappropriate times, like dozing off while driving (so I don't drive anywhere far now). But I have noticed that I don't feel as much pain with the fibromyalgia.

I am also the kind of person who likes to do things all or nothing. So I have a hard time changing one thing at a time. I do it all, get overwhelmed and quit. So, I will try to do a little here and a little there to make it easier to change it all over time. Like right now, I will be doing the smoothies and salads. Later on, I will start incorporting something else, like more raw foods or soaking nuts and seeds or something.

So, in conclusion, I highly recommend the program. I just recommend you do it at a pace that is comfortable for you, and even Brendan says this. He tells you not to do it all at once because he doesn't want you to get overwhelmed and give up. (I need to listen better, LOL!) And, no, I don't make any money if you sign up for the free program, so I am not financially motivated to recommend it.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Fellow Vegan Cookbook Giveaway

Ricki Heller from Diet, Dessert and Dogs is giving away a few copies of her new cookbook. So, if you want to win a copy, get on over to her blog and enter to win!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Days 21, 22 & 23 of Thrive in 30

Monday, I could barely drag myself out of bed. Back to that. I don't know what happened.
I had my smoothie for breakfast, salad for lunch. My sister asked me to make her a salad, she loves my salads.

I didn't have a raw bar, didn't feel like eating one.

I did the elliptical for half an hour then strength training. Afterward I snacked on some fresh watermelon and cantaloupe.

For dinner, I sliced up a zucchini, threw it in a baking dish with some sliced peppers and onion, cooked it at 350 for 30 minutes and then threw it on top of some brown rice spaghetti with a little marinara sauce. The spaghetti was good, I am not a huge fan of zucchini, but I really enjoyed making it like spaghetti, so I thought this would be good.

Tuesday was horrible mood wise. I was pretty much zombie like all day. Tough time getting out of bed or doing anything else. I guess it is a good thing that D has been unemployed, cuz he can help with the kids when I am like this.
I had a smoothie for breakfast, salad for lunch.
Tuesday's raw bar was Larabar in cinnamon roll. It was pretty good.

I had absolutely no desire to eat dinner. I ended up just having a cut up watermelon, cantaloupe and sliced banana for dinner.

Today, mood slightly improved, still not a lot of energy though.

Smoothie for breakfast, salad for lunch.

Today's raw bar was Larabar Jocolat in chocolate orange, it was ok.

Did some gardening today. Couldn't muster the energy for a workout though.

For dinner, I made a "burger" from Thrive: The Vegan Nutrition Guide to Optimal Performance in Sports and Life. I didn't have enough almonds, so I used walnuts for the Almond Flax burger. It is made with balsamic vinegar and I think it was too overpowering. I didn't love this and M and A both hated it. The picture is kind of freaky. I know it has been awhile, but it looks meaty to me. ugh.

I think I will have some fruit tonight for a snack. There is still some watermelon and cantaloupe. Or maybe I will have a plum. Oh, the suspense.


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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday, Day 20 of Thrive

This morning I added fresh pineapple to my smoothie. I also had the usual ingredients, Vega Whole Food Optimizer (I used one scoop each of berry flavor and chocolate as recommended by, a banana, Barleans Omega Vegan Swirl, frozen mixed berries, cherries, wheat germ, a little almond milk and coconut water.

I packed my salad to take with me so I could eat it at M's little league game. Afterward, we had to go to my brother in law's because my niece made her first communion. When we got there, my sil gave my son the choice of either pasta with alfredo sauce or cold cuts. Can you fucking believe that shit? Excuse my language, but what the fuck? She has known me for over 15 years and I have always been veg since she has known me. And she knows full fucking well that my kids are vegan. What a bitch! Then her father (a real piece of shit) said he brought pasta salad and I said he couldn't eat it because of the parmesan, the guy says, well, it's fresh parmesan, not processed. I don't care if the parmesan has flecks of pure gold in it, my kid isn't eating it, asshole. Ok, enough ranting.

My raw bar today was a Larabar in coconut cream pie flavor. I have been dying to try this one, doesn't it sound so good? Well, I must say, I was disappointed. Not really very good. :(

For dinner, I just peeled and sliced up an eggplant. I put the slices on a cookie sheet, sprayed them with olive oil and put some sea salt, fresh cracked black pepper, parsley and oregano on them. I baked them for about 4o minutes, turning them over after about 20 minutes. I threw some sauce on top and just ate it like that. It was good, but I would have killed for a nice plate of linguine under the eggplant! Oh well.

Day 18 & 19 of Thrive

Friday morning was my Vega smoothie and lunch was a salad. I found these organic microgreens at Trader Joe's. There is red russian kale, collards, red cabbage, purple kohlrabi, purple radish and beet greens.

And Trader Joe's also had this organic sprouted mix, containing sprouted adzuki beans, lentils and peas.

I added both to my salad.

For my raw bar, I had the Raw Revolution in chocolate chip cookie dough. Oh, very yummy! I will get these again.

Dinner was again black bean burrito. I make a good size batch usually for me, D and M, but I have been making separate dinners and already made them dinner when I decided to make myself burritos the other night, so I had a bunch leftover.

I did the elliptical machine for half an hour. I did speed intervals, so hopefully it burned some big calories.

Saturday, again a Vega smoothie for breakfast and salad for lunch. I added the microgreens and sprouted beans again today. I really enjoy the sprouted beans. The microgreens are a bit bitter, not bad, especially when mixed in with the rest of the salad ingredients.

D bought some blackberries at the store, I washed them and put them in a bowl. I ate one and when I went to get another one, they were gone! Those kids are sneaky.

For the raw bar, I again had another Raw Revolution, this time I tried the tropical mango flavor, delicious!

I still had some black bean mixture so I made a wrap with the black beans, salsa, lettuce and tomato.